Certified AC Clean & Check

Certified AC Clean & Check

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When was the last time you had your air conditioner serviced? If it’s been more than a year—or if you can’t remember—it’s time to invest in a certified AC clean & check from Econo West. This service will help you get the best possible performance from your air conditioning.

What’s Included in a Certified AC Clean & Check?

Our certified AC clean & check is a comprehensive preventative maintenance service including all the services needed to save you from the problems associated with dirty, worn-out air conditioners:

  • Coolant level check and top off
  • Airflow check
  • Coil cleaning
  • Coil fin combing
  • Condensate drain cleaning
  • Filter replacement
  • Total system inspection
  • Recommendations for any necessary repairs

Our AC Clean & Check Will Give You:

Improved Energy Efficiency: The more dirt and dust accumulates in your air conditioner, the harder it will be for the system to generate cooled air. It could cost up to 50 percent more to run in this dirty condition. Our thorough cleaning will restore the energy efficiency of your air conditioner.

Improved Comfort: When your air conditioner is dirty—and especially when the filter is clogged—it is more difficult for air to move through the system. This means it may take up to 50 percent longer than it should to cool a room. We’ll replace your filter and clean the system to give you the fast and even cooling you deserve.

Cleaner Indoor Air: Whether the problem is dust in your AC air system or mold in the drain line, you could be dealing with some unpleasant odors in your home or business. Let us clean up the mess for fresher, healthier indoor air.

More Reliable Performance: With a professional inspection, tune-up, and replacement of any worn or damaged parts, we can make sure everything is working as it should in your air conditioner. This can save you from sudden breakdowns and emergency repair needs in the future.

Maximized Service Life: Keeping your air conditioner clean and in good repair will significantly reduce wear and tear on the system and extend its service life.

Why Choose Econo West

Our technicians have the skills and experience required to provide truly effective AC maintenance services. When you choose Econo West, you can rest assured that your investment in maintenance is money well spent. We will never try to upsell you on unnecessary products or services, but instead only provide our honest recommendations for ways to improve comfort and energy efficiency.

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