Toilet Repair & Installation

Toilet Repair & Installation

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The toilet is probably the single most important fixture in your bathroom. Don’t let a broken or ugly toilet ruin the look and functionality of your bathroom. Instead, let Econo West help. Our experienced plumbers can provide any kind of repairs you might need, or replace that old, outdated, or broken toilet with a brand new modern model. We take pride in providing every client with the best service at the best possible price.

Common Toilet Problems Solved

Do you have any of these problems in your bathroom?

  • Running toilet
  • Water leaks
  • Insufficient flushing
  • Clogged toilet
  • Flush valve assembly failure
  • Worn out flapper
  • Damaged tank or bowl

It’s time to call Econo West. We can provide the necessary toilet repair quickly and affordably. Working with us will definitely be faster and simpler than trying to figure out how to fix the toilet yourself. Our plumbers always tackle the root cause of the problem to make sure you get a lasting and effective toilet repair that solves the problem for good.

Yes, You Really Do Need Professional Toilet Installation

Are you considering a new toilet for your home or business? Don’t just head to your local home improvement store, buy a toilet, and try to get the job done yourself. There are very real benefits to getting professional toilet installation from Econo West.

First of all, we can help you pick out the right toilet for your needs and budget from our selection of high quality American Standard toilets. American Standard is an American-made product with a 137-year reputation for excellence. Secondly, we can handle the removal of your old toilet without making a mess. Plus, we can make sure your new toilet is installed correctly to guard against the possibility of leaks or sewer smells.

No Job is Too Big or Too Small

At Econo West, our licensed plumbers are equipped to serve both residential and commercial clients. So whether you need to install one new toilet in your master bath or need 20 or 30 new toilets for your commercial property, we can get the job done right. Our plumbers can handle any toilet repair need you may have, whether you have an old standard model, a modern low-flow toilet, or a commercial pressure-assist fixture.

Need Emergency Service?

If you’re facing a toilet emergency, our plumbers are ready and willing to come to your aid 24/7. Just call us at (661) 269-0308 and request service.

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