Sewer Repair

Sewer Repair

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Problems with your sewer line have the potential to create a huge mess. Whether you have sewage backing up through your drains due to a blockage, or you have a stinky, soggy spot forming on your lawn due to a broken pipe, you need expert help, fast.

This is exactly what you get from Econo West. We offer a 24/7 emergency response for sewer repair needs. Our experienced plumbers will correctly identify the root cause of the problem and help you find a solution that fits your goals and budget.

We Do All Kinds of Sewer Repairs

After many years of experience with sewer repairs, our skilled plumbers can solve all kinds of sewer problems, including:

  • Clogged pipes
  • Corrosion
  • Root incursion
  • Leaky pipe joints
  • Belling

In many cases, the solution to your sewer problem may be as simple as a main line drain cleaning. This will remove any grease, debris, or tree roots that may be blocking the pipe and restore normal flow at a fraction of the cost of a whole new sewer line. Our technicians have the latest equipment for inspecting pipes to determine whether they are clogged or affected by another problem.

Minimize Disruption to Your Property with No-Dig or Low-Dig Sewer Repair

Sewer pipe repair and replacement presents special challenges because these pipes are sometimes difficult to access. They may be buried under your foundation or under your driveway, patio, or landscaping features. Simply digging up all the pipe would be very costly, not only because of the additional labor involved, but also because you would have to repair the pavement or landscaping after the job was done.

Fortunately, Econo West gives you options to help limit the amount of digging and disruption that comes with your sewer repair:

Traditional Sewer Line Replacement: If most of your sewer pipe is in good condition and only one small section needs replacement, we can simply dig up this one section and replace it using traditional sewer repair methods.

Pipe Bursting: With pipe bursting, we can replace your entire sewer line with virtually no digging. We simply create two access points, then run a new pipe through the old one. The old pipe will break apart in the process.

Pipe Relining: This technique allows us to create a new, seamless, highly durable pipe right inside the old pipe. Pipe relining is an excellent option when the old sewer pipe is in fairly good condition, but may suffer from corrosion or pitting that could cause leaks in the future. This sewer repair technique can often be done with no digging at all—instead we go through the main sewer cleanout access.

Do You Need Sewer Repair?

If you have any kind of problem with your sewer line, call Econo West at (661) 269-0308. We’ll send a skilled plumber to help you ASAP.

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