Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning

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Are you unhappy with how quickly dust accumulates in your home or business? Are you concerned about stale or musty odors coming out of your air registers? You don’t need a new dust mop or a can of air freshener. You need professional air duct cleaning.

Cleaner Ducts Equal Cleaner Air

Over time, all kinds of dust, allergens, and debris can accumulate in your air ducts. These contaminants often get into your ducts as they pass through dirty areas like attics or crawl spaces. If your ducts are dirty, you’ll be circulating dusty, dirty air throughout your property every time you turn on your HVAC system. But with professional air duct cleaning, you can eliminate this contamination and enjoy:

  • Cleaner, fresher-smelling air
  • Slower dust accumulation in your home
  • Reduction in symptoms related to indoor allergens
  • Longer filter life in HVAC equipment

What’s Included in Air Duct Cleaning from Econo West

Unlike some companies, Econo West only uses trained technicians for air duct cleaning, and we never leave a mess on your property.

We begin by using compressed air and brushes to dislodge any dust and debris that may be sticking to the interior walls of your ductwork. Then, we attach powerful vacuum equipment to remove all the loose dust. While a regular vacuum could allow very small particles to escape and contaminate your property, our HEPA filtered vacuums will capture all the dust to prevent contamination and ensure we leave your property cleaner than we found it.

Superior Cleaning at One All-Inclusive Price

At Econo West, the price we quote is the price you pay on air duct cleaning. Call (661) 269-0308 now and we’ll send an experienced technician out to take a look at your ducts and provide an accurate, all-inclusive estimate for the job.

Remember, our air duct cleanings are backed by our 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, so you can rest assured you’ll get top-quality service.

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