Water Lines

Water Lines

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In America, it’s easy to take having running water for granted. But of course, the moment you have a problem, you’ll suddenly realize just how much you depend on your water pipes. Fortunately, the talented plumbers at Econo West can provide a fast, effective, and affordable solution to any kind of water line problem and get you back to life as usual.

We Keep the Water Flowing

As a licensed, bonded and insured contractor, Econo West makes an excellent choice of plumber to trust with the integrity of the water pipes that service all your faucets, fixtures, and appliances. We have the skills and experience required to handle all kinds of water line projects including:

  • New pipe installation
  • Water line rerouting
  • Leak detection
  • Pipe repair
  • Water line replacement
  • Backflow prevention
  • Water pressure issues

Do You Need Water Line Repair?

In some situations, it will be painfully obvious you need water line repair, due to the large amount of water gushing from a broken pipe or loose connection. But in other cases, the fact that many water pipes are hidden away behind walls and beneath floors can allow leaks to go unnoticed and unaddressed. This makes it very important to be vigilant for possible tell-tale signs of a water leak on your property, such as:

  • Sudden drops in water pressure
  • Sounds of running or dripping water when no plumbing is in use
  • Damp or warm basement floors
  • High indoor humidity
  • Wet spots in the yard
  • Cracks in walls or flooring
  • Unexplained increase in water bills

If you notice any of these issues in your home or business, call Econo West right away. We’ll send an experienced plumber to inspect your property. Using the latest leak detection equipment, we can pinpoint the location of any hidden leaks and give you a free estimate for the necessary repairs.

We Respond to Water Line Emergencies 24/7

If you have a big water leak, turn off your water supply and call Econo West at (661) 269-0308 immediately. We will dispatch a skilled plumber to your property ASAP. If you have a less pressing need, we will be happy to schedule service during normal business hours.

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