Are You Ready for Summer? Prepare Your AC for Warmer Days Ahead

March 9, 2022

Are You Ready for Summer? Prepare Your AC for Warmer Days Ahead Given the extreme weather changes we’ve experienced this year, scorching spring temperatures are more than likely to catch us off guard shortly. With these 5 must-do actions, you’ll be ready to turn on the air conditioner and enjoy dependable and effective cooling.

Change your filters

When you turned on your furnace for the first time this year, hopefully you cleaned or changed your HVAC filters. Before the cooling season begins, be sure to inspect and clean or replace your filters. Dirty filters, on the other hand, will make your air conditioner smell bad. Worse still, a filthy filter may increase the wear and tear on your system by making it more difficult for air to move through, potentially resulting in fan or blower motor failure.

Clean the coils on your air conditioner

Clean air conditioner coils are necessary for your air conditioner to run efficiently. Dirt, dead leaves, and other debris might have easily crept into the unit throughout the winter, so cleaning the exterior coils is very important. To do so, you’ll need to remove the unit’s lid.

Check the levels of coolant

While you shouldn’t anticipate needing to replace any coolant in your air conditioner, it’s always a good idea to double-check. In fact, maintaining high energy efficiency and keeping your cooling expenditures under control necessitates this. By the time your air conditioner runs out of coolant by 10%, your energy expenses will have increased by 20%.

By booking an air conditioner repair visit from Econo West, you may obtain expert help with these first three crucial summer prep activities.

Keeping the fireplace clean

In the winter, the smell of a fire is wonderfully comforting, but in the summer, any residual smoke aromas will make your home seem unclean. Before turning on your air conditioner for the first time, make sure your fireplace has been fully cleaned and the chimney has been closed to avoid air leakage.

Change the direction of the ceiling fan

Make sure your ceiling fans are rotating in the appropriate direction as a last step in getting ready for cooling season. During the winter, your fans should have been turned clockwise to lift hot air up and press it down around the room’s perimeter. In the summer, you’ll want to turn the fan counterclockwise so that cold air is forced down on you in a lovely breeze.

If you need help with these and other air conditioning repair and maintenance tasks, contact Econo West at (661) 269-0308 for help.

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