Get the Facts About Common Summer Plumbing Issues and How You Can Deal with Them

June 21, 2022

Get the Facts About Common Summer Plumbing Issues and How You Can Deal with Them

Although there are many things to enjoy about summer, it is not without its challenges, particularly when it comes to plumbing problems. In order to safeguard our customers during the sweltering summer months, Econo West always makes sure to remind them to call us at (661) 269-0308 as soon as they encounter any of these three plumbing problems.

Obstructed drains

There are several explanations for why clogged drains occur more frequently in the summer than at other seasons of the year. The fact that there are frequently more people in a home during the summer, whether they be guests or children coming home from school, is one factor. Your plumbing system may experience more stress and wear and tear as a result of the increased activity.

Making sure everyone who uses your bathroom is aware of what shouldn’t be flushed down your toilets and drains, such as coffee grounds, wet wipes, bacon grease, paper towels, food scraps, oil, or napkins, is the greatest way to avoid having a clogged drain. You should contact your neighborhood plumber as soon as you observe a clogged drain.

Defective sewage drains

In the summer, the ground can get dry, which might impact anything buried there, including sewer pipes. Sewer line cracks could result from the hot weather and present major issues. The good news about this problem is that it takes years of hot, dry weather for the sewer pipes to become damaged to the point where sewer repair is necessary. By watering your lawn during the hotter months and covering exposed, unburied exterior pipes with permeable insulation, you can lessen the likelihood of this happening.

Clogged Gutters

Although falling leaves are the most frequent material to clog gutters, this is not the only one. Your gutters can become blocked for a variety of causes, and when this happens in the summer, it can cause significant damage to your home. Sometimes, over the course of the winter and spring, debris may slowly start to build up in your gutters, and by the time the summer rains arrive, the gutters will be totally stopped.

Cleaning your gutters at least once a year is the best way to avoid this becoming a problem. You might wish to get your trees cleaned every six months or even more frequently if you have several trees on or around your property. In order to prevent burst pipes, it is definitely worth the money to have your gutters cleaned.

We can assist you with all of your plumbing, air conditioning, and energy efficiency needs at Econo West. You can reach us 24/7 at (661) 269-0308, and we can assist you with any of your needs.

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