Learn About the Short- and Long-Term Effects of Poor Indoor Air Quality

September 26, 2022

Learn About the Short- and Long-Term Effects of Poor Indoor Air Quality

You would be wise to take into account these immediate and long-term impacts of indoor air pollution if you think that you can live with it in the interim while you find the time to make changes. Then, you can get assistance with filters, purifiers, and other solutions for enhancing air quality by calling Econo West at (661) 269-0308.

Short-term effects of indoor air pollution

In certain circumstances, only one exposure to indoor air pollution might have a negative impact on one’s health. Eye discomfort, nose irritation, throat scratching, headache, weariness, and dizziness are a few of these symptoms. These are often transient symptoms that are not too difficult to manage. If you can identify the irritant, sometimes the only course of action is to just remove it.

Your ability to react quickly to poor indoor air quality depends on a number of things. For instance, a person is more prone to respond to contaminants the older they are. A person with allergies is also more prone to experience an acute reaction. The speed of the effects might also be influenced by other medical issues.

Determining the cause of immediate effects can be difficult

The fact that the early impacts of indoor air pollution might occasionally resemble cold and viral illness symptoms is one of the difficulties. As a result, many individuals mistakenly think that they are contagious and do not give it any thought. When a person thinks they are getting better, they can really be becoming worse since these initial benefits might disappear as the person’s body adjusts to them.

Long-term effects of bad air quality

Some people need months or even years to feel the impacts of poor air quality after being exposed to the contaminants. They might develop cancer, heart disease, or even breathing problems. As you can see, they have the potential to be both lethal and severely incapacitating. This is only one of the many reasons it is crucial to maintain healthy indoor air quality.

It is challenging to predict a person’s reaction to different indoor pollutants

It’s crucial to realize that while most contaminants found in houses are safe for most individuals, there are those that can seriously impair others’ health. The reason for this and how various exposure times and intensities influence people in various ways are yet unknown to science. While further study is required to determine this, one thing is certain: Every household would be prudent to improve indoor air quality.

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